Osho About Mother Teresa

The politicians and the priests have always been in deep conspiracy. They have divided man: the politician rules the outside, and the priest rules the inside; the politician the exterior and the priest the interior. They are joined in a deep conspiracy against humanity. They may not even be aware of what they are doing — I don’t suspect their intentions, they may be absolutely unconscious.

She has been serving poor people, orphans, widows, old people, with good intentions, but the way to hell is full of good intentions!


In 1974 the Pope presented her with a Cadillac and she immediately sold the car. The car was purchased at a great price because it was Mother Teresa’s, and the money went to the poor. Everybody appreciated it, but the question is, from where had the Cadillac come in the first place? The Pope had not materialized it, he had not done any miracle! It must have come from somebody who had enough money to give a Cadillac. And the Pope has more money than anybody else in the world. From where does that money come?

On the surface they serve the poor — but fundamentally, basically, indirectly they serve the rich.


Mother Teresa could not refuse the Nobel Prize… a desire to be admired, a desire to be respectable in the world. And the Nobel Prize brings you the greatest respect. She accepted the prize.

Jean-Paul Sartre seems to be far more religious than Mother Teresa… because he refused that prize, he refused that money, he refused that respectability, for the simple reason that it comes from a wrong source – one thing. Secondly, he said [by implication], “I cannot accept any respectability from this insane society. To accept any respectability from this insane society means respecting the insanity of humanity.” This man seems to be far more religious, far more spiritual, far more authentic than Mother Teresa.

This Nobel Prize money has gone to the Missionaries of Charity. It comes from war, it comes from blood, it comes from murder and death.


The really religious person is rebellious, the society condemns him. Jesus is condemned like a criminal and Mother Teresa is respected like a saint. There is something to be pondered over: if Mother Teresa is right, then Jesus is a criminal, and if Jesus is right then Mother Teresa is just a charlatan and nothing else. Charlatans are always praised by the society because they are helpful — helpful to this society, to this status quo.


Whatever adjectives I have used I have used very knowingly. I never use a single word without consideration. And I have used the word “hypocrite.” These people are hypocrites because their basic lifestyle is split — on the surface one thing, inside something else.

Christianity has existed for only two thousand years but they have the greatest number in the world. From where have these people come? All from conversion. But their methods of conversion are different.

In the past Christians and Mohammedans have fought and they have converted people to their religions with violence. Mohammedans have lagged behind because they have not yet been able to learn new technologies. Now Christians are far more up to date, because they belong to the Western world, which is far more up to date about everything. They have dropped the old idea of forcing you with the sword, it has become out of date. Now they serve you — they give you bread and butter and services and education and hospitals and schools and universities. They bribe you. Now from military power they have shifted to economic power, but conversion continues.

If Mother Teresa is really honest and believes that converting a person disturbs his psychic structure, then she should be against conversion unless a person chooses it by himself…

To me, Mother Teresa and people like her are hypocrites: saying one thing, doing something else behind a beautiful facade. It is the whole game of politics — the politics of numbers.

In conclusion…
So if anybody has to be forgiven it is these people. It is the Pope, Mother Teresa, etcetera, who have to be forgiven. They are criminals — but their crime is such that you will need great intelligence to understand it.

And see the egoistic “holier than thou” attitude. “I forgive you,” she says. “I feel sorry for you,” she says. And she asks, “May God’s blessings be with you and fill your heart with his love.” Just bullshit!

I don’t believe in any God as a person, so there is no God as a person who can bless me or anybody else. God is only a realization, God is not somebody to be encountered. It is your own purified consciousness… I am not an atheist, remember, but I am not a theist either. God is not a person to me but a presence, and the presence is felt when you reach to the climax of your meditativeness. You suddenly feel godliness overflowing the whole existence. There is no God, but there is godliness…




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