The Great Solar Flash 12.12.20

Human being essence was created in perfection and that is why all creatures were asked to praise that most perfect creation.

But along the way most human beings forgot their Divine Blue Print, and fell into worldly illusions.

Seek Light, and Be Light.
Love now, and have no fear.

The shadow self (the dark place within your subconscious mind contains every taboo thought, feeling, desire or personality trait that you have rejected, burried, or suppressed) is full of fear, lie, betray, separation, envy, hurt, possess, manipulation, intimidation.

Learn to accept the darkest and scariest part of yourself, and suddenly they lose a lot power…

In the New Dimension (Solar Flash/Great Awakening), only Love, Peace, and Abundant feeling exist. This is the last call for humanity to ascend their consciousness and go back to divinity.

Claim your True Power … 💜

*dikutip dan dikompilasikan dari berbagai sumber

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