The Vibration Of Numbers

1. One
The vibrational essence of the number 1 is associated with independence, positivity, leadership, creation, and new beginnings. It represents the sun as the creative force, which is so powerful that it gives us Light and Life to the universe.

2. Two
The vibrational essence of number 2 is associated with service and duty, cooperation, relationships, harmony, manifestation, receptivity and love.
have courage, faith and trust in the angels and Universal Energies as the answers to your prayers are manifesting for you, although it may not be obvious just yet. It may be a test of your patience, but rest assured that all will come to pass in Divine right time.

3. Three
The energy of number 3 represents creative self-expression, imagination, inspiration, social interaction, optimism, dynamic, tolerance, and joyfulness.

4. Four
The number means to be practical, hard working, discipline, consistent, diligent, and organizes in the pursuit of your goals. Embrace the challenges and see the bigger picture.There are great possibility to grow and to become a better person.

5. Five
Angel number 5 indicates that you are likely to have important, positive changes coming in your life. It is related to progress, activity, experience, the five senses, travel and adventure.

6. Six
The number 6 holds the vibration of love, harmony, protection, and sanctuary. It expresses the archetypal maternal instincts that we all contain (whether male or female) and the primal urge to nurture and care for those in need. It also represents compassion, beauty, creation, and service.

7. Seven
The number 7 is a highly spiritual number that is associated with intuition, mysticism, spiritual awakening, psychic abilities, inner wisdom, and a deep inward knowing.
It is an auspicious sign from our guardian angels that we are on the right life path. “Continue on your present path and you will be rewarded.”

Whether you are on a spiritual path already, or you feel drawn to spiritual information and transcendent teachings from the Ascended Masters, seeing angel number 7 is an indication that you are introspective and thoughtful, and in touch with your deeper purpose in life.

8. Eight
The number 8 resonates with the influences and vibrations of authority and personal power, inner strength, inner wisdom, manifesting wealth, career success, achievements, abundance and prosperity. From the perspective of the angels, the biggest gains we can make are in the area of our spiritual lives. The number 8 itself is a spiritual number right between 7 and 9.

Angel Number 8 brings an uplifting message of encouragement from your angels telling of striving forward, progress and attainment. It is a message to stay optimistic and listen to your intuition and inner-guidance as you hold positive expectations and thoughts of positive abundance in all its forms. Have faith and trust in your own abilities, skills and talents, and to use them to their highest potential. Be grateful for the blessings in your life, and for those yet to come.

9. Nine
Number 9 is a beautiful combination of strength, enlightenment and new beginnings that will bring joy and fulfillment in your life. It is a highly spiritual number that is all about meaning and purpose in our lives. Believe in your talents and express who you were born to be.

The number also associated with universal spiritual laws like Karma, Destiny, and the Law of Attraction. It resonates with the qualities of completion, idealism, and humanitarian efforts.

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